With the exception of the cities of Brentwood and Richmond, CCCWP Permittees’ stormwater programs are funded by a Stormwater Utility Assessment (SUA). The SUA was established in 1993. In FY 2016/17, SUA rates ranged from $25 to $45 a year for a typical single-family home. SUA rates are based on estimates of stormwater runoff based on impervious area.

Revenues from the SUAs are collected by the CCC Tax Collector with the property tax bill. The Flood Control District is responsible for the administration and disbursement of the assessment revenues, which in FY 2016/17 totaled approximately $15,298,016. The assessment revenue may only be used for NPDES program activities including, but not limited to, construction of pollution control improvements and drainage system maintenance. Approximately 18% of these revenues are used to fund permit compliance activities that municipalities choose to conduct collectively (i.e. Group Activities). The remaining 82% of the revenue is “returned-to-source” (i.e., returned to the local jurisdiction from which it originated). The return-to-source revenue pays for permit compliance activities conducted at the municipal level. Each Permittee’s cost share of Group Activities is apportioned by population.

CCCWP Group Program Budget FY 2023-24 (PDF)

CCCWP Group Program Budget FY 2022-23 (PDF)