The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit requires businesses to use best management practices (BMPs) to minimize non-stormwater discharges (discharges of anything but rain water to the storm drains) and prevent illicit discharges, like soapy wash water, that can harm water quality. CCCWP has developed brochures detailing BMPs for the following types of businesses:

Quiz time!

Which of these belongs in the ocean?  
(A) Soapy or muddy water, (B) Trash, (C) Oil, or (D) None of these.

Which of these belongs in a storm drain?  
(A) Soapy or muddy water, (B) Trash, (C) Oil, or (D) None of these.

If you answered “D” for both questions, then you are correct!  Whether in the ocean or in local creeks, the above items can harm fish, habitats and public health.  These items are also common pollutants found in commercial or industrial areas.  Unfortunately, if not properly managed, then business-related pollutants can enter storm drains, which empty directly into local creeks and bays without any treatment.  This is why discharge of anything other than rain water into storm drains is prohibited in California.