Inspection Program

CCCWP staff administers and manages the various inspection agreements for a Group Inspection Program involving 16 Contra Costa Permittees and three local POTWs (Central Contra Costa Sanitary DistrictDelta Diablo, and West County Wastewater District). Administration of the Group Inspection Program includes:

  • Assistance to the Contra Costa Permittees and POTW staff in developing inspection goals, ensuring MRP compliance concerns are integrated into business inspections;
  • Training of inspectors to promote consistent inspection services countywide; and,
  • Field support to inspectors and municipal staff when needed.

CCCWP develops and/or updates a variety of business outreach materials, including Best Management Practices (BMPs) brochures and posters and a telephone hotline. Stormwater inspectors promote these resources during their inspections. 


Every year, CCCWP offers a free workshop for commercial/industrial stormwater inspection staff and other water pollution prevention professionals. This workshop reviews the Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit (a.k.a. “MRP”) stormwater inspection requirements, and it provides a space for staff to discuss challenges, strategies, and resources to comply with the MRP in Contra Costa County.  The presentation contents are updated annually to reflect the most recent requirements and resources available to inspectors.

May 2024

During FY23-24, CCCWP hosted a C.4/C.5 Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Inspection Training Workshop on May 30, 2024.  This was a hybrid virtual and in-person workshop.

  • Agenda (PDF)
    • Pg. 2 includes Useful Contact Information and Links for Inspectors
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)
    • Environmental & Regulatory Background
    • Inspection Basics and BMPs brochures
      • C.4 – Industrial/Commercial Stormwater Inspections 
      • C.5 – Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination 
    • Accessing a Site (Central San.)
    • Situational Awareness (CCC Environmental Health)
    • Coordination – Pesticides: The Role of the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office in Contra Costa County (CCC Dept. of Agriculture)
    • Coordination – Spills in Creeks: Water Pollution Enforcement (CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)
  • Video of Training (Recording via Zoom, Registration Required to View)
  • If you would like a certificate of completion for attending this workshop, please email your name and agency to

Previous Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Inspector Training Workshops hosted by CCCWP include:

CCCWP hosted a Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Inspection Training Workshop in July 2020 (PDF). The workshop topics consisted of: