Provision C.9 of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit requires businesses to use best management practices to prevent the impairment of urban streams by pesticide-related toxicity. CCCWP staff provides the following assistance to Contra Costa Permittees’ efforts to reduce pesticide toxicity in local creeks:

  • Tracking and participating in pesticide regulatory initiatives.
  • Promoting opportunities for training events for municipal employees and contractors on Integrated Pest Management and similar programs.
  • Providing outreach to residents and the general public on less-toxic pesticides and proper pesticide use and disposal. CCCWP’s Home & Garden page has more information on residential best garden practices.
  • Coordinating with, and reporting to, the CCC Agricultural Commissioner (CCCAC) on improper pesticide use.

Additional information:

Integrated Pest Management Guidance for Municipalities (PDF)

Our Water Our World (Learn how to find less-toxic home and garden products, available at stores near you!) 

Pesticide Applicators Professional Association (training seminars!)

University of California Integrated Pest Management Program

California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Pesticide Use Enforcement – Presentation to CCCWP Municipal Operations Committee by Erin Herbst, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner (June 20, 2023) (PDF)

  • What does Contra Costa County Agricultural Department do? (slide 2)
  • How to verify licenses (pg. 11)
  • How to report misuse of pesticides (pg.28)
  • Pesticide Disposal
    • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), Contract Hauler, Event for Growers

How Pesticides Affect Soil Quality – A One-Day Bay Friendly Course (April 6, 2016) (PDF)

Integrated Pest Management Tailgate (June 30, 2011) (PDF)