Did you know that streets, gutters, and storm drain inlets are piped directly into creeks, the Delta, and the Bay?  Storm drains do not connect to the sanitary sewer or to sewage treatment plants.  When it rains, they channel untreated storm water away from our buildings and houses to nearby waterbodies, collecting dirt and pollution along the way. 

Storm water can carry trash, pesticides, metals, bacteria, motor oil, and other toxins that pollute our waterbodies.  These pollutants can cause harm to plants, birds, fish, and insects living in waterbodies and to people using them. 

Watch the following short video to learn more about stormwater and its interaction with local waterbodies: 

Residents, businesses and industries can work together with cities to help keep pollution out of our waterbodies. As residents, the more we can do to prevent polluting the watershed, the healthier our waterways and the habitats they support will be.  Learn more about what you can do to help by visiting these pages on our website:

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