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We strive to protect the creeks and rivers of Contra Costa County watersheds and Bay and Delta waters by promoting public awareness of stormwater pollution prevention and supporting innovative approaches to meet State and Federal stormwater regulations.


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Gather your friends to gather trash!

🗑️Set up your own cleanup event date and location

🗑️Bring gloves, trash bags, and trash grabbers

🗑️Spread the word to stop pollution

You can prevent trash from becoming an accidental meal for wildlife.

#ContraCosta #CaliforniaCoastalCleanup #KeepContraCostaClean #BayArea

Watch out for our Summer Contest!☀️🎨💦

School`s out for summer, but our mission to educate is still going strong! This week, we`re launching a fun and educational art activity focused on teaching students of all ages about the importance of keeping our waterways clean– and the winning art piece will win $100!💸 Want a sneak peek before we launch?👀 Check out our website for a head start before we announce the details on July 16.🗓️

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Taking a reusable bottle with you on your hikes goes a long way. Help keep our paths and waterways clean.

Use the hashtag #KeepContraCostaClean and post your hiking pictures with your reusable gear to help create a culture of care!

#KeepContraCostaClean #BayArea #CaliforniaNature #CaliforniaHiking

July 1-7 was Clean Beaches Week🏖️

Help keep beaches clean year-round by properly gathering all your items like chairs, foam coolers, and flip-flops and properly disposing of your fireworks, broken umbrellas, and other paper and plastic trash so that marine life and volunteers don’t need to deal with it! #SanFranciscoBay #ContraCosta

It’s a birthday bash!🥳🎉Come join us at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience (LWE) as they celebrate Lord Richard’s 50th birthday.

Richard is the oldest known turkey vulture in California!

Did you know that birds are especially affected by trash pollution? Come visit our booth at LWE to learn more about our watershed and what you can do to protect our watershed and veteran wildlife like Richard from pollutants and plastics!

Visit the link in our bio to learn more.

Photo of Lord Richard from the Lindsay Wildlife Experience


California native plant spotlight: sage

Here are some cool benefits of this plant:

🌿Attracts pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees
🌿Has a signature California scent
🌿Requires less water

#CaliforniaPlants #BayArea